Dolphin Education Pack PDFs

We’re pleased to share the following elements of our Education Pack here in PDF format. Download these documents and feel free to use them accordingly in your classroom.
This exclusive Dolphin Education Pack features reading pages, art projects, word searches and crossword puzzles and other exciting activities for your class.

Education pack

Some content isĀ appropriate for grades K through 3; other materials can be used for grades 4-8. And some of it is great for all grade levels! We invite you to pick and choose what will work best for your students, and encourage you to share this with other educators and teachers.

Our hope is that through learning about dolphins, students will be inspired to protect these sophisticated animals in their natural environment.


Cover Letter/ Introduction

Fun Dolphin Facts

Dolphin Vocabulary

Bottlenose Dolphin Reading Comp-Easy

Anatomy of a Dolphin

Easy Crossword

Easy Fill-in Worksheet

Easy Word Search

Advanced Dolphin Word Search

Article: National Aquarium to Retire Dolphins

Article: Hawaii “Do Not Disturb Dolphins” Rule

Article: The Truth About Swimming with Dolphins

Art Project: Diving Dolphins (K-3)

Art Project: Watercolor Dolphin Painting (3-8)

Art Project: How to Draw a Dolphin

Art Project: Coloring Page