Shopping Mall Ad Campaign to Discourage Dolphin Captivity

Plea for the Sea recently partnered with Animal Defense League of Arizona (ADLA) to continue our successful public service announcement campaign in local shopping centers. Our simple but powerful message of "Born to Be Wild" featuring wild dolphins is designed to start conversations about why it's not a good idea to patronize attractions featuring captive dolphins. The Phoenix Business Journal covered our campaign recently -- read the story here..

Opinion Poll: Dolphin Entertainment Centers Not Popular in AZ

A recent poll was conducted to find out how a random sampling of everyday Arizona residents felt about patronizing parks featuring captive dolphins. Overall, most people do not support this type of entertainment. Read more in this Phoenix New Times feature.

VIDEO: Jake Mace Talks About Why Dolphins Don't Belong in the Desert

Who would have ever guessed a company would decide to bring eight captive-born dolphins to the AZ desert? Jake Mace, known as The Vegan Athlete, interviewed the three core team members of Plea for the Sea (formerly DolphinFreeAZ) about this development and the various ethical questions surrounding animal captivity.