Our teaching materials are now in PDF form

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for Plea for the Sea. We officially launched this site and our social media pages (you are following us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, right?) and a number of teachers and parents have already requested our Dolphin Education Pack. We couldn’t be happier to be sharing great information to inspire young people to learn more about dolphins!
In fact, to make it simpler and faster for educators to access our educational materials, we’ve added them to this site as PDFs. Download these pages for free by clicking on our Education Downloads page.
What’s included in our education download section? We have fun activities like word searches and art projects appropriate for children from kindergarten to 8th grade. We’ve also included fact sheets, reading pages and news articles for advanced comprehension. The idea is to peruse our materials and choose the pieces that will work best for your students.
In any case, we would love to find out how these lesson plans are used in your classroom. If students and parents are agreeable to sharing on social media and/or this website, we’d be honored to showcase student essays, artwork and other creative projects. Please feel free to email us any feedback or submit student work.
Thank you!